UK Educates Finance Ministry Staff

Employees of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, who have been awarded scholarships in various colleges in the UK for the year 2020/2021 have been asked to use the opportunities they will find to increase skills to help the nation when they complete their training.
This was stated in Dar es Salaam by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Tanzania (BoT), Dr. Yamungu Kayandabila, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Planning Mr. Doto James during a farewell ceremony for staff who received scholarships at various colleges through the United Kingdom Development Agency (UKaid).
Dr. Kayandabila said that the scholarship offered by UKaid has been of great benefit to the country as those who completed the training in previous phases from 2017 have been productive and efficient in carrying out their daily responsibilities and that is why they have been assigned various responsibilities.
“Given the importance of education in the development of the country we ask the United Kingdom to help also provide short courses related to Economics and Financial Management, which will increase the capacity of Ministry of Finance and Planning staff to be competent in the performance of their duties”, said Dr.Kayandabila.
In addition Dr. Kayandabila commended the UK for its efforts to assist Tanzania in increasing the skills, knowledge and creativity of staff which has increased the strength of cooperation in various fields of development, especially economic.
For his part, the British Ambassador to Tanzania Hon. David Concar, said that in the UK there are many opportunities so it is good that employees use them well to increase knowledge and effectiveness by studying hard and when they return they can help the Ministry and the people in various matters including economics, law and computer science.
“When the staff of the Ministry of Finance and Planning return to the country and be able to help the nation it will be a catalyst for other Tanzanians to be motivated to go and gain knowledge and knowledge in the UK”, explained Ambassador Concar.
 The British Council’s Head of Training Programs, Ms. Atiya Sumar, said that the presence of the British Council in Tanzania 17 years ago has been very beneficial between Tanzania and the United Kingdom in cooperation, cultural exchange and education, considering being the coordinator of the training program for Finance Ministry Staff for all phases five self-imposed since its launch in 2017.
And the beneficiaries of training in various British universities including Mr. Innocenti Lema and Edwin Nalaila, thanked the Government for making the training a success and also promised to study hard and use all the opportunities they will find to increase skills and knowledge for the benefit of Tanzanians.
Beneficiaries of the Training Program at various UK Universities with funding from UKaid fourth phase, from the Ministry of Finance and Planning, include Mr. Innocent Lema, Edwin Nalaila, Bi. Paulina Fungameza, William Mhehe and Alpha Temu.
The government through the Ministry of Finance and Planning in collaboration with the United Kingdom Agency for International Development (UKaid) launched a training program for the Ministry’s staff in various UK colleges with UKaid funding in 2017, this is the fourth phase of implementation since the program that should be set up where 20 employees have benefited from the program.

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