Simiyu Water Access doubles

Simiyu. Access to clean and safe water service in Simiyu Region is expected to increase from 51% in 2019 to 57.4 by October 2020 through the Pay Results Payment (PF4R) project which will help citizens avoid the hassle of access to the service for sure. and convenience. 

The increase was announced yesterday by the manager of the rural water and sanitation agency (RUWASA) engineer Mariam Majala during the handover of pipelines to be used to implement city projects in the region held at RUWASA offices in Bariadi.

Engineer Majala said so far they have received 70 percent of the water pipes worth 823 million which will be used to implement 23 projects across the Region while waiting for the arrival of 40 percent of the remaining pipes. 

“The current state of access to water services is not bad and we assure the people of a significant increase in water supply” said Majala. 

He added that the pipelines will be distributed in rural areas in all five councils in Simiyu region where drilling has been completed with the aim of bringing them closer to water in the countryside.

Initially inspecting the pipes, Simiyu regional administrative secretary Mariam Mmbaga urged the people to participate in the project by maintaining water infrastructure so that the goal of the increase could be achieved while commending the procurement board for the good work done. 

“The pipeline will provide employment to the people, we urge the participants in the construction of the projects to also take care of them and be the first guards to increase the supply of water in rural areas. We want to see their participation in these projects,” said Mmbaga. 

He also commended the tender board which worked professionally after seeing the demand for water in the region, and urged the agency to visit the complex projects and provide solutions to some of the challenges facing the projects by bringing them to the regional level to the Ministry.

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