Observe the Rules, Regulations and Procedures for the Public Service – Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Dr. Hassan Abbasi has called on the new staff to adhere to the rules, regulations and procedures of public service while performing their daily duties in order to bring positive results to the Government. 

Dr. Abbasi made the remarks in Dodoma yesterday as he wrapped up a three-day training course provided to the Information cadre staff as part of the process that applies to every new government employee. 

“I urge you to make sure you live and do all that you have been taught by experts so that you can carry out the responsibilities and achieve the goals set by the Government” Dr. Abbasi.

He added that the Ministry manages the entertainment industry which brings citizens together in unity regardless of ethnicity or religion where it is the key soft power of the country so the staff were emphasized on professionalism, professionalism and efficiency while performing their duties to benefit the Government and citizens in general. 

In addition Dr. Abbasi urged the staff to be good ambassadors in keeping government secrets, working in partnership, having good relations with other employees, setting goals in their work performance within and outside the public service to enable them to achieve the goals set by the Ministry. 

The training was concluded with an oath of allegiance to public servants which they swore in front of their employer who is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry Dr. Hassan Abbasi.

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