Kikwete: Opponents have run out of arguments, choose CCM to continue to bring them development

Retired President of Phase Four, Dr.Jakaya Kikwete, has fueled the campaigns of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), saying Tanzanians should continue to trust the party to keep the dollar.
He said CCM should once again be given the opportunity to lead to serve the people and maintain peace, love and bring them the development they need.
At the same time, Kikwete urged the people not to be swayed by the words of the opposition for what he claimed they had run out of arguments as all they were saying was the past, which CCM had done for a long time.
Kikwete made the pledge yesterday during the launch of the Lindi constituency parliamentary and councilorship seats, held at Ilulu Stadium in the city.
He said in the past five years, the CCM presidential candidate, President John Magufuli has done a lot of good things for development, including improving health services, education, energy and lending to youth and women.
During that period, he said in Lindi region alone two district hospitals have been built, 16 health centers and 70 dispensaries have been upgraded in all six councils.
Despite the improvement of those services, he also said 4,693 loans worth Shs. 2,313,534,500 has been provided to youth, mothers, and people with special needs through the Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) and district and municipal councils.

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