Fake cosmetics worth more than 200 Mil have been burnt in Makambako

Makambako Customs Center in collaboration with the police force has smuggled more than 200 mil counterfeit smugglers into the country from neighboring Zambia. 

The cosmetics were seized in 2017 immediately after good citizens reported to the security forces that an oil truck was carrying the load illegally trying to smuggle it into the country. 

Speaking during the burning of the cosmetics, Njombe Regional Revenue Authority (TRA) Regional Manager Shaban Musibu and Makambako customs chief Odero Ryoba said if the cosmetics entered the market it would have an impact on consumers and the government for lack of revenue.

Musib said smuggling was illegal and that if a person was found to be doing so, the seized goods would be processed in accordance with the East African Customs Duty Act of 2004. 

“The smuggling of goods into the country is being carried out by traders with the aim of evading and evading government revenue,” said Musib 

Paul Malala, director of Makambako town council, which is the center of trade in Njombe region. “Fake to save lives and call on inspection authorities to inspect all shops in the city for counterfeit goods that could cause harm to consumers,” said Paul Malala.

“I urge the various inspection authorities to ensure that they inspect all products in the shops to identify those who entered illegally,” said Paul Malala. 

For her part, Frola Nyato who is a divisional officer on behalf of Njombe district commissioner Ruth Msafiri is obliged to issue a warning to clever traders and citizens who use products that have entered illegally while urging them to report to the authorities.

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