Choose a Leader Who Will Protect Peace

MEMBER of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) National and Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called on the people of Tanga and Tanzanians in general to ensure that by October 28, this year they turn out in large numbers to elect a leader capable of protecting various national values ​​including peace and unity. 

He said this today (Saturday, September 12, 2020) while praying for votes for President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, Tanga Urban constituency parliamentary candidate, Ummy Mwalimu and councilor candidates for the CCM ticket at a campaign rally held at Tangamano Stadium in Tanga.

“WanaTanga regardless of party affiliation I am here before you with great humility and I ask you by October 28 this year to elect our President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli to develop the development projects he initiated. I also ask you to elect Ummy Mwalimu to the parliamentary seat in our city of Tanga as well as CCM councilor candidates ” 

He said the people should elect President Dr. Magufuli because he is a strong leader who is able to make decisions and who does not allow himself to be swayed by anyone.Also President Dr. Magufuli is a leader who cares about Tanzanians and who will allow them to continue to worship freely and that is why even elections are scheduled for Wednesday to provide opportunities for citizens to use Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for continued worship.

Commenting on the road infrastructure projects being implemented in the city, Mr. Majaliwa said 66.8 billion shillings has been allocated for the construction of the 50 km long Tanga to Pangani road, which is being built at the asphalt level. 

“Shs 2.3 billion has been spent on the installation of 436 traffic lights on existing roads in Tanga City and traffic lights on Mombasa Road. The construction of this infrastructure has boosted the economy of the people of Tanga City by enabling them to carry out their duties without hindrance. ”

He said other strategic projects being implemented in the city include the construction of a modern landfill in the Mpirani Chongoleani area where 8.9 billion shillings has been allocated for the construction of a solid waste management area and construction has already been completed. 

Mr. Majaliwa said a total of 1.7 billion shillings has been provided for the construction of an investment in the Tanga City bus stand. Construction is underway and is in the concrete bath stage on the second floor.

“Shs 21.9 billion has been spent on upgrading 16.4 km of road infrastructure at the asphalt level.The roads that have been constructed are Road Six and Chumbageni Road (km 1), Road Four and Chumbageni to Ikulu (km 1.14), Road from Councilor / State House, National and Sahare Phase. I (km 4.2). ”

He said the other roads are the road from Councilor to Mwambire (1.62 km), road from Mabawa – Msambweni II (km 0.80), road from Mabawa, Nguvumali road, Nane and Jamatcan roads (km 3.53), Msambweni Road and Kange stand road (km 5.0). 

Mr. Majaliwa said 2.2 billion shillings has been spent on the construction of large 3.44 km of rainwater canals in Tanga. Also 10 billion shillings has been spent to improve road infrastructure at the level of gravel and soil in various areas of Tanga City Council.

He said in the financial year 2020/2021 Tanga City Council has planned to spend 1.3 billion shillings for the construction of Mabawa-Msambweni II and 11th and 12th roads at the asphalt level, where its implementation is currently in progress.

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