CCM Announces the party’s Strategic Victory

Co-Secretary and Ideology Secretary of the Revolutionary Party (CCM), Humphrey Polepole said the campaigns are generally going well and they have reached out to many Tanzanians and they understand them.

Slowly he added that CCM has conducted scientific research and found out if the votes are being cast right now, their Presidential Candidate, Dr. Magufuli will emerge with a landslide victory of 85 percent, so at the moment they are just filling in the votes. 

He made the remarks on Friday, September 11, 2020 while speaking to reporters in Geita region and assessing the CCM’s 12-day campaign and providing guidance for the second phase of the party’s campaign. 

“The campaign in general is going very well, we have reached out to Tanzanians and they have given us a lot, we have done scientific research because we are careful, if the votes are cast now Mr. Magufuli emerges with a landslide victory of 85 percent, now we are just filling the vote.

“According to our party’s information unit, where things have gone awry, we have seen one of the candidates run away, he left very early tonight, he is not in the country here,” he said. 

Regarding the party’s winning strategies, Polepole said, in this election CCM has improved its campaigns by dividing its senior cadres into different areas for attacking every corner. 

Announcing the victory column, Polepole said the first column was for the Presidential Candidate of Tanzania, John Magufuli, the second was for Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan, the co-candidate while the third was for Kassim Majaliwa, the Prime Minister. 

The fourth column is led by Kikwete while the fifth column is led by retired Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, in collaboration with the Speaker of Tanzania Job Ndugai

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