We will establish the Chamber Water Authority – Endowment

MEMBER of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) National and the Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa has said the Government plans to establish a Water Chamber Authority soon. 

He made the statement today (Sunday, September 13, 2020) while addressing the people in Mnadani, Kelema Village, Paranga Ward, Chemba District in Dodoma Region at a meeting to pray for President Dr.John Pombe Magufuli and Chemba constituency parliamentary candidate Mohammed Moni and CCM councilor candidates. 

“This district has no water authority.We will therefore establish a Water Authority so that staff are present in the district. Supervise them closely and be able to monitor water sources from here in the Chamber while we continue to solve the water problem in the district here. We will form a Water Authority soon. ”

He said the government provided shs. 1.688 billion to find water sources in Orada, Kisanga, Moi, Mondo and Ndaki. “The Fifth Phase Government has also provided shs.677 million for drilling in Mondo, Mrijo Juu, Chambalo, Hamai and Chemba. ” 

“We are confident that if we get 4,700 cubic liters of water it is enough to build a water network. Work to improve water infrastructure is underway. Other funds have been allocated, shs. 150 million to supply Kelema, Support and Bumbu water. ” 

Speaking on the health sector, Mr. Majaliwa said shs. 1.8 billion to build Chemba district hospital so that citizens can access medical services on the spot instead of going to Kondoa as before.

“Our aim is to ensure that every Tanzanian receives services where they are by setting up clinics in every village, health centers in every ward.Upon completion of the construction, we have allocated 500 million shillings for hospital equipment for all seven buildings. ” 

“We have sent shs. 400 million for a health center in Hamai, 500 million shillings for Mrijo and 400 million shillings for Kwa Mtoro. When the construction work is completed, each one will receive 250 million shillings in medical supplies. ” 

I urge you to vote for President Dr. Magufuli, Member of Parliament and CCM councilors to complete these tasks because this Government is for implementers. We say and do. ” 

At the same time, Mr. Majaliwa said President Magufuli wants electricity to be distributed throughout the country and that is why he decided to reduce the cost of connecting electricity.

“Our president said he wants to see every Tanzanian house on electricity.He has reduced the cost of connecting electricity from shillings 380,000 / – to shillings 27,000 / -. Our president has said it is illegal to pay for electricity poles. A citizen is not required to pay for any of these pillars. If he sells you the pillars, ask him to give you a receipt, bring a receipt and we will blow up the Officer, he insisted. 

Mr. Majaliwa continues with polling meetings in Kondoa district

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